Today, I’m sitting down with Gordon Walton, President on ArtCraft Entertainment Inc and a pioneer in the video game industry, who;s worked on games such a Sims Online and Star Wars: the Old Republic. His company, ArtCraft, is currently working on Crowfall, which is MMO breaking many of the rules in the MMO industry. MMO are massively multiplayer online games, such as World of Warcraft.

I love doing this episode, because I learned a ton:

  1. how a veteran looks at an industry and assesses product, consumer, and market risks in order to make a strategic decision.
  2. The bonds and relationships that are made by sharing experiences virtually, whether those experiences are joyful, sad, angry, or stressful
  3. And then, an idea I’m curious about since it drives a lot of ambition I see in myself is, the idea of personal heroism and how we think we perceive ourselves as the protagonist in our stories

As always, enjoy.