Whenever most think about freelancing, the image that pop up in their mind is someone on a beach, sipping a Corona (this is not an ad😉), and generally having the time of their lives. That’s really not the case. Being able to monetize a rare and valuable skill independent of location is difficult, and doesn’t begin on Day 1. But how does one get to that point?

Today, I’m sitting down with Emily Leach, a freelancer for 20+ years and Founder/CEO of Freelance Conference, to talk about that very topic, and more:

  • The shift towards freelancing and the on-demand freelancing economy
  • How someone can find work as a freelancer
  • The accumulation of skills a freelancer must have
  • Finding a tribe of people like you
  • The importance of mentorship

Now, she’s one of the pioneers in the US Freelancing community, having founded The Freelance Conference, where she helps freelancers get educated on the business side of the work, get connections with companies and other freelancers looking for someone to work with.

Also, if you’d like to attend the Freelance Conference, it’s in Austin on Sep 7-Sep 8, and you can use the code austinfireshow for a $60 discount.