We look at people we consider to be successful as these strong, self-confident, rockstars who can do anything.

We look at a photo on twitter of a person speaking to a large crowd and think, “Wow they’re so talented.”

We hear about someone killing it and wonder what makes them so great that we’re missing.

We don’t, we can’t, know about the preparation that goes into it, the people they’ve learned from, the training they’ve unconsciously put themselves through.

Every expert was a beginner at one point. I look at people I admire, such as many on this podcast, some of my friends, and people I’ve never met but have read their books or watched their videos, and I cannot even start to imagine the sacrifice they chose to get to where they are.

Today, I’m sitting down with Vi Nguyen, co-founder and CEO of homads.com, a market network for rentals of 30+ days that lets you find, talk, and rent with people in your community.


Vi made the switch from film production to tech entrepreneurship after seeing firsthand the problems faced by renters, like herself and her mom. She worked on Homads for months before going full-time with her co-founder, Lan Chu, who I had the pleasure to meet while recording this interview.

In this episode, we talk about the anxiety that comes along with doing new things and how Vi deals with it, the self-awareness that has to go into relationships and your work, and most importantly — what you have to give up as an entrepreneur.

I hope this gives you a better picture of what you will have through if you decide to start your own business.