In this episode, we’re talking tactics to help you plan taking your product to market.

To be specific, the tactics you need to employ once you know what you want to do, but need to take your product or service to market and have questions such as:
What if I have a business. Should I find a partner? How do I do so?
What conversations should I be having with my customers?
Once I have a partner, what’s the next step?
How do I estimate the cost of building a product?
What should I be doing while my product is being built?
What’s the next step when I have a few customers? How do I scale?

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Today, I’m sitting down with Sloan Foster, Principal of Envisage Associates and Chief Marketing Officer of Pitch-A-Kid, to answer questions like those.

Sloan has been working with companies to go to market for more than 20 years, in multiple industries, and across various types of technologies. She designs both short and long-term strategies to generate revenues at the right time to maximize customer value, which is what people pay you for.

Sloan can be reached at or on twitter @sloanfoster.