“America isn’t racist, that’s what we heard when Obama was President.”

Yeah, let’s not talk about race. It’s impolite.

Yeah, let’s not talk about race. There’s no point in bringing up such a controversial topic.⠀

Yeah, let’s not talk about race. Let our ideas about someone who looks different from us be defined by what we consume online, what we see on tv, what we hear about in anecdotal stories. ⠀

Today, I’m sitting down with Jordan Sterling, entrepreneur, creative, and smartass.

Jordan Sterling

Let’s list some of what he does: VP of Sales at Data-infiniti, which is a data startup. Co-founder at Silicon Jungle, which is a startup studio. And most relevant to this conversation, co-founder of Alibi X, a platform to showcase the narrative of what it means to be a black millennial.

We’re having an open and frank discussion about race, and asking some important questions — what is his definition of blackness? How is he affected by pre-conceived ideas that others have about him because of the color of his skin? Do we talk about race enough?

At the core of it all, is one idea – we must join the narrative of the part of the world we live in, so that others can look at us and say — hey, that person looks like me. I can do the things they do. I can follow that career path. I can be who I want to be, shedding the ideas of others and myself about how I should act like.