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#23 WTH is a Go-to-Market Strategy and How do I make mine?

In this episode, we’re talking tactics to help you plan taking your product to market. To be specific, the tactics you need to employ once you know what you want to do, but need to take your product or service to market and have questions such as: What if I have a...

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#16 Intro to Building a Business | Marc Nathan

If you want to start a business, the first question you ask yourself is this: Where do I start? And the questions keep snowballing. Should I tell people my idea? How do I know my idea is good or not? If I don’t have an idea, what should I do? What the hell is a...

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#13 Valentine’s Day Special: 23 First Dates

Dating can be hard. It can also be wonderful. This Valentine’s Day, sit back and listen to 23 Austinites recount their first dates — ones that never had a second one, ones in which they knew they had found the one, ones people wish they had never went on....

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#7 Core of Entrepreneurship | Cam Houser + Shayna Dunitz

No one is going to steal your stupid startup idea. Ideas are great, but execution matters more. If you romanticize your idea for a business, isolate yourself from your eventual customers, and believe people will give a damn just because you built something you thought...

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#2 Turning creativity and audacity to your advantage

What’s the point of being creative? How can you become creative? What are some examples of people stepping out of the lines and doing things their own way? Today I’m sitting down with Larry Speck, to talk about his 2 roles shaping the skyline, future, and young...

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